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Tabatha and Kevin love watching sunrise on the beach together and that is actually how Kevin proposed to Tabatha too, so we thought that would be the PERFECT setting for their engagement session! They originally were planning on having their sunrise mini session at a different beach, but then Tabatha had the idea to take photos at Long Branch Beach, right in front of their wedding venue, the Wave Resort!

Typically for a mini session, couples wear one outfit, but Tabatha had this beautiful and flowy yellow dress that she decided to wear for the first thirty minutes of their session and we FREAKIN' loved it!! The sky was so glowy and cast the most dreamy light over Tabatha's dress that gave us the best beachy vibes ever. Afterwards, Tabatha changed into a more causal and cozy outfit for the remainder of their session and she even used one of Sara's complimentary "Rental Hats"! Such a funny moment was when the hat kept flying off of Tabatha's head and we all couldn't stop laughing every time we had to chase the hat halfway down the beach!

These cuties are so natural together and were so dang cute as they rang along the beach and cozied up together in the sand. Tabatha and Kevin's favorite song is "Higher Love" and they told Sara that they dance to it together all the time so she just HAD to add this into their session! This was SUCH a good move too, because we got some of the cutest photos of them dancing around the beach together.

Sara + Bri xo


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co // Location: Long Branch Beach, NJ



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