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These are some of my tips to prep for any session with me, whether it is a Love Session, Adventure Session or your portraits on your wedding day.

  • I don't suggest pulling out your high heels for our shoot. Instead, bring along practical wedges or flats to hide under your dress or booties to dress up a casual outfit as we trek across a variety of landscapes for different backdrops. My photography is adventure-inspired so expect to venture off the concrete walkways. We will be walking through fields, in the forest and maybe even in the water, if the occasion calls for it and you're down for it! I love me a barefoot bride!

  • Bring along accessories like hats, stackable rings, layering jackets, etc. You can never go wrong with bringing along a knitted blanket or oversized blanket scarf for some sitting or snuggling pictures! If it is cold out, bring winter jackets to wear in between photos to warm up but try to make sure they coordinate together so if I snap something in between a location change, you may still absolutely love it!

  • If we are planning a hiking trip to the location, wear some comfy hiking attire/shoes and you can even pack your nice outfit/dress to change into when we reach our destination if you wanted to. This de-wrinkle spray is the best when you do end up packing in a bag!


These are some of my greatest tips that help couples that are a little nervous and need some extra direction! If you try to follow these even in the slightest, you will have more fun and get more photos out of it!

  • LOOK at each other: Not the ground or the camera unless I am suggesting it. A pose and movement can be absolutely perfect, but if your eyes are straying from each other, the photo won't give us the same emotions as it would if your eyes were connecting.

  • MOVE with each other: Sway to the music (yes there will totally be music), play with his/her hair, rub his/her back, tug on his/her clothes, laugh and snuggle each other. Do anything that feels natural really! I won't deliver 20 of the same frozen pose, but I will deliver 20 of that same pose if you guys are interacting and adding movement!

  • Keep HOLD of each other: Try to always be touching each other, as tightly close as possible! Lean into one another, squeeze each other tight! Try to always be touching during everything you do (even if it's just walking and holding hands), unless I direct you not to on very rare occasions. You're getting married after all, right?! ;)

  • Let your walls DOWN: If you guys are silly people, let that out; I swear I am more of weirdo than you guys know and can hang with the best of them! If you guys are more quietly intimate, let that sweet talk and zen with each other breathe! The cool thing is, I know both sides of it because I am the silly one and my fiance, Kevin, is the quietly intimate one; So I know how to rock both personally!

Bottom line, remember to be yourself and have fun! None of my couple’s have their ducks perfectly aligned when we arrive to a session for photos; but what they all do have in common is that there was a sense of trust built. Let “perfection” sit at the back burner for this session. Throw any expectation you had of yourself for these photos out the window. There is nothing better than knowing you both are comfortable and trust me so I can be my best creative self and pump out some crazy fun and new ideas that show off the real you!

Sara xo


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