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I always have three very simple goals in mind with every portrait session I do, no matter who you are – (1) To love on each other, very organically, like it is a date and I am third wheelin’ with you, (2) bring out your personalities, what you love to do on an adventure together and show your connections that happen in between it all (3) and to form a mutual trust between us! For every session, we have a buffer time before we start that I like to use to really connect with you guys -- What is your favorite music, hear your love story, sometimes even we will feast on food and drink! Lot’s of my couples like to bring an alcoholic beverage to loosen up because that’s them and those honestly have been some of the most fun sessions!

Now I am totally not saying that bringing alcohol is the only way to have fun and to rock your session with me… LOL. Those couples brought drinks because that is something that connects them! Those couples love to go out to taco crawls gulping down margaritas or sit around campfires with whiskey-filled tin mugs. That’s their THING! Now I am going to ask you, what is your thing?

What makes you guys have the most fun? What do you love to do together?

Let’s go canoeing, hike a mountain, cuddle on your couch, take the boat for a spin, walk the beach at sunset, take your dog to a park, ride your motorcycle to the session, I could go on for days! I even challenge you to try something you have never done before, like jump in a waterfall, dive into the ocean with a dress on or run through a meadow like your 7-years-old again! Get out of that box society puts us in... I swear the more fun you are having, the more you will cherish your photos because they become meaningful and show how beautiful your love is organically!

So, what does that all mean? Basically, tell me what lights your fire and I will plan it for you guys adventurously!

Sara xo


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