Sara Fitz

Winter Beach Mini Love Session in Atlantic City, NJ

Sam + John,

Since today is Sam's birthday we couldn't think of a better time to share your mini love session from last December in Atlantic City, NJ! So first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!! We freakin' love you two and Sara couldn't be more grateful that John chose such an awesome human to be in his life and therefore in Sara + Kevin's life! Sara already thinks of you as a brother John, so it'll be an easy transition when you're officially her brother-in-law, and Sam, you have become such an amazing friend to Sara and because of you she has another gal to take on the Lindquist brothers with!! GIRL POWER!

Sara had a blast doing this mini beach session for you two last winter while you were spending a weekend in the casinos of AC! Even though John was a bit nervous before we started taking pictures, he knew the PERFECT way to let off some of the edge...a few drinks! Once those kicked in John looked so in his element with you as you two ran along the beach and cozied up in each other's arms for warmth against the chilly beach air!

Sara + Bri xo

Photographer: Sara Fitz Co // Location: Atlantic City, NJ

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