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Brianna + Tommy

We love it when our couples are game to go on an epic adventure with us, and you two absolutely KILLED it when you came along with Sara for a hike in New York State! Getting up at 5 AM to capture that freakin’ gorgeous morning mist on the mountaintop of Mohonk Preserve made for the most jaw-dropping photos ever! You babes looked so ethereal as you whispered sweet nothings to one another from the middle of the rocky creek that it gave us chills! And not gonna lie, we think there might’ve been a bit of steam mixing with that dreamy mist because things were getting HOT HOT!

Sara’s favorite moment from the day though was 100% when Tommy embraced his inner mountain man on the cliffside and practiced his Flynn Rider smolder against a killer sunrise!! The lighting was so darn GLOWY that it makes us wanna wake up at 5 AM everyday...but really though, ya girls need some sleep!

Wanna see something extra cool? One of the photos was picked up by Rangefiner as their photo of the day in December 2018, check it out here!

Sara + Bri xo


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co. // Location: Mohonk Preserve, NY - Millbrook Trail



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