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There is so much we LOVE about Leeanne + Carter's misty autumn horse farm session! This session was super special because we got to take photos at their beautiful property in Dorset, Vermont. Leeanne and Carter's family owns an amazing piece of land in the mountains where they built their house, as well as the barn and horse pastures. A few years ago Leanne and Carter starting the process of building their own home together at the lower portion of their family's property and they plan on having their wedding ceremony up next to the pond, near the horses. How freakin' DREAMY!

So you can imagine we had lots of incredible locations all around the property to take their engagement photos! We started out up by the barn, where Leeanne and Carter brought out their horses, Spicolli and Pip, for part of the session, and their little Jack Russel Terrier, Katie, joined in on the fun too! Fun Fact: Leeanne and Carter just got a black lab puppy named Brody and he is the freakin' cutest!! After taking some photos with the horses, we headed over to the pond and got some moody, misty shots!

We had all been hoping for a beautiful sunrise, as their farm has spectacular views of the mountains, but that morning ended up being really foggy. Sara loved the way the fog looked though and assured Leeanne and Carter that it would look so romantic in the photos! And once they saw the finished photos, they LOVED misty and dreamy look of the fog too! This is a great example of why you can trust in Sara when she says your photos will look amazing even if the weather seems iffy. We are all still hoping for that beautiful mountain view during their wedding ceremony next year though!

After taking photos outside, we headed inside Leeanne and Carter's newly-built home. They looked so cute and cozy snuggled up on the couch and we LOVED Carter's coffee and beignet socks! The only thing that could have made this session better was if their new puppy, Brody, had joined the family sooner and made it into their photos, but it'll be so fun seeing all of their fur babies next year at Leeanne and Carter's wedding!

Sara + Bri xo


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co // Location: Private Farm Residence



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