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Casey + Chris,

We LOVED that you two chose to embark on a woodsy and event-packed day with Sara atop Mount Tammany and at Turtle Beach in the Delaware Water Gap for your adventure engagement session! You babes have such wanderlust and adventurous spirits that made your love session so effortless, intimate, and fun! Sara's favorite part of the day though was obviously when all three of you stopped at the one and only Chick-Fil-A on the way home for some nuggets and milkshakes!

One of the most hilarious moments from the day was when Sara decided to go knee-deep into the river while you two were playfully splashing each other with the oars of your canoe so that she could capture the BEST moments between you guys! But it was not quite good enough to beat the moment when Casey fell face-first into the water as you two were running along the river! We all COULD NOT stop belly laughing! Everything totally paid off in the end because you two literally look like everyone’s childhood dream of a summer camp romance that never really happened, am-I-rightttt or what?

All of this reminiscing of your engagement shoot is making us EVEN MORE thrilled to capture your wedding this Saturday, August 10th 2019 at the Lake Valhalla Club in Montville, NJ! Aggghhh, can't wait!! :)

Sara + Bri xo


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co. // Location: Delaware Water Gap, NJ - Mount Tammany / Turtle Beach



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