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I haven’t shared any of the mooshy details yet so here it goes!! Back in April Jordan Jankun invited me along with her to Colorado to shoot with the @weddingtravelersco. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and within seconds of telling Kev I was going to Colorado, he quickly jumped on board to tag along!

Fast forward 6 months, after shooting all week in EPIC locations across Colorado, we decided to go to Blue Lakes in Breckenridge with Jordan and her BF Jeff and swap shooting couples photos of each other. Little did I know, Kev had some bigger plans for this fun little shoot in the early AM! We started shooting in front of this magical little pond that was filled by a little waterfall off of the grand Blue Lake, surrounded in pines and aspens.

We were doing a pose where we both look off in opposite directions. The pose was taking a while, so I looked over at Kevin and smiled. Reaching over to kiss me, he said “I love you”. I said it back and then he repeated it again, “I love you so much”. I laughed, turning and kissing him and saying “I love you most”. Then I noticed his hand in his back pocket and it clicked instantly what was happening.

He got down on one knee and I was a giddy giggly mess! He said all kinds of sweet things about our future and made some jokes (my fave) and then next thing I knew I started uncontrollably shaking and crying. And what you all have been waiting for... I FREAKIN’ SAID YES!!!! He is my everything. He is my forever. & He is now my future HUBBY! I can’t wait to be your bride, wife, and forever best friend Kevin... Love you always boo.

Sara xo

Proposal Photographed by: @jordanjankunphotography xo


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