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Vintage Urban Adventure Engagement in Brooklyn, NY

Ashley + Derek

Ashley, Derek caught your attention when he brought you Reese’s cups instead of flowers and Derek, you were ALL IN when she ordered a whisky on the rocks during your first date. You two prove that not all adventures have to be on a mountain or a beach and you babes absolutely rock it with cool, city vibes and classic taste for a day out on the town! Sara freakin’ loved getting to tag along with you through Brooklyn for your vintage, yet urban style engagement adventure shoot! 

Being recent transplants from Portland to Brooklyn sure as heck didn’t make you guys falter! You looked so in your element as you two playfully lounged around the charming library of Union Hall and kicked each other's butts in a game of Bocce Ball while surrounded by the retro and industrial décor of the bar! Our favorite part most definitely, though, was getting to meet your handsome pupper, Edgar, while we took some intimate and carefree in-home photos and dog-walking shots on the streets of your city!

Sara + Bri xo


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co. // Location: Brooklyn, NY - Union Hall / Park Slope Apartment / Prospect Park


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