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Originally, Ann + Sean were planning on having their mini engagement session with Sara back in April in Sandy Hook, but once COVID-19 hit, they decided to postpone it in hopes that things would open back up soon. Unfortunately, it took more time than we all imagined for restrictions to be lifted in NJ and after a few more postponed dates, Ann + Sean were finally able to schedule their session for this past August!

The date that they picked was actually on Sean's birthday, so they decided to go ALL OUT for this session by renting a sailboat for a sunset cruise in Island Heights, NJ with Captain Mike of Seaside Sailing! When I met Captain Mike he was telling me how he and his wife retired and now live in NJ during the summer, where they offer their sailboat rides, but then during the second half of the year they sail all the way down to Florida and live in their sailboat while there! What a freakin' EPIC retirement plan, AM I RIGHT?!

When we got onto the sailboat, we all made sure to wear masks while we were inside the cabin, since social distancing wasn't as easy in this enclosed space. But once we were on the topside of the boat the real fun began as Ann + Sean kicked off the evening with a beer cheers! Next we made our way to the front of the boat, turned on some chill music, and leisurely captured candid shots while also experimenting with the light!

Ann + Sean wanted to go sailing for their engagement session because it is something that really brought them together. When they were in college, they were both into sailing and quickly bonded over this together! Fun Fact: This was Sara's first time on a sailboat EVER, so everyone had to keep reminding her to lay flat anytime the sail was sweeping cross the front of the boat to turn them, which ended up being quite comical in the end!

Sara + Bri xo

Ann + Sean even included their love of sailing in their Wedded Logo! And how freakin' awesome does it look on this stone coaster they had created?!


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co // Location: Island Heights, NJ // Boat Rental: Seaside Sailing



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