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Dorian and Dennis reached out to Sara just four days before their summer garden elopement at Bouman-Stickney Farmstead and asked her to document this special day for them! Sara was so down and super excited to be a part of this since she is also photographing their wedding which was postponed until 2021 due to the pandemic.

Dorian and Dennis included their immediate family in the intimate ceremony and the sweet mayor of Stanton, NJ, acted as the officiant. Plus they brought along their gorgeous Aussie pup, Stella! Sara met up with everyone at Bowman-Stickney Farmstead and went right into the ceremony. Their family was so welcoming and excited to still see these two get married. Sara guided them through a few family formals and then we explored the space around Bouman-Stickney, taking some couples portraits along the way.

Afterwards, Dorian and Dennis went off to brunch with their families to celebrate. We love how simple and heartfelt these intimate nuptials were and they had a beautiful historic backdrop that gave even more meaning to their day, as they live in the same town in an old farmhouse. We can't wait to capture Dorian and Dennis's second wedding celebration this August!

Sara + Bri xo


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co // Venue: Bouman-Stickney Farmstead in Stanton, NJ



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