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Hi there!

I’m Reesie Cuppers and I just wanna thank all of our Sara Fitz Co. couples who decided to include their fur babies, like me, into their sessions! This year I’m so happy to tell you all that Reese’s Rescue donated a grand total of $120 to the non-profit rescue Bunny’s Buddies!

-Reese xoxo


What is Reese's Rescue and How Does It Work?

We always encourage our dog-loving couples to include their fur babies into their sessions or wedding and when they do, we like to give back to dogs still looking for their forever homes! Throughout the season we tally up how many couples include their dogs in their Sara Fitz Co. experience and then at the end of the year we take a portion of the proceeds from each session to donate to the year's chosen dog rescue!

$10 - per Love Session // $20 - per Wedding

We are so thrilled to announce that we had a total of 12 sessions/weddings that took part in Reese’s Rescue this year!



Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Rescue a Dog:

1. You save a life.

2. You help break the cycle of pet overpopulation.

3. You help stop cruelty in mass breeding facilities.

4. You take advantage of adopting an adult animal and even puppies like Reese was.

5. You get a lifetime resource with shelter employees and volunteers.

6. You choose from a great selection of animals.

7. You adopt a pet who has received good care.

8. You support a valuable charity and community institution.

9. You pay less.

10. You encourage others to adopt animals from shelters.



Planning a Session with Your Pup:

Thinking of joining the Reese's Rescue crew in 2020 or beyond? I sure as heck hope you do! So I've got a little tidbit of helpful info to remember when planning a session or wedding with your fur baby. Make sure that on the day of your session or wedding you have a friend or family member who can doggy sit your pup during those in-between moments where they're taking a break from photos.

Don't have anyone who could help? I've got your back! I can provide a fur baby-loving dog sitter for your session, all we ask is that you provide the sitter with a tip.

Suggested Tip Rates

Mini Session - $30

Adventure Session - $50



Our chosen rescue this year is...

Bunny's Buddies!

Bunny’s Buddies is a San Diego, CA based non-profit organization that rescues dogs from slaughterhouses all across Asia, primarily in China.

Their Mission:
“Hearing that over 30,000,000 animals are being subjected to torment and abuse leaves us with a heavy and hopeless heart, however, our goal is to stay as optimistic as we can with only one mission in mind- to save as many animals from this horrific outcome as we can. We work closely with some amazing organizations in China to not only rescue and repair these damaged souls but then, to actually get them into loving new homes.”
-Bunny’s Buddies

This rescue is very near and dear to our hearts because Kevin and I are planning on adopting a Golden Retriever from Bunny’s Buddies in two years when we have a house with a larger yard. We cannot wait to give Reesie Cups a new sibling to play with and love!

Interested in learning more about Bunny’s Buddies and their rescue?

Be sure to follow them on social media!


Thank you so much to all of the couples who took part in this mission with us!

We freakin’ CANNOT wait to see what next year has in store for Reese’s Rescue!


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co




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