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Mountaintop & Waterfall Adventure Engagement in Minnewaska, NY

Danielle + Josh,

You two have the kind of love story that just makes people go, “AWWWW” and you might possibly have had the sweetest darn first date I’ve ever heard of! Even though both of you were experiencing feelings of loss and sadness on that Mother’s Day in 2013, it was spending time together and supporting each other that opened up a new kind of love and happiness that neither of you had yet to experience!

Now I cannot even tell ya how pumped I was to take you Florida babes exploring up in the mountains of Minnewaska State Park for your adventure engagement session! As you guys carelessly splashed and climbed through the waterfalls of Awosting Falls, playfully hiked up the rocky mountainside, and embraced your silly selves in the best way possible while cozied up together surrounded by the minnewaska cliffs and pine trees at sunset, I was abso-freakin-lutely mesmerized! You two truly have such an amazing kind of love that is freeing, authentic, and oh so darling!

Sara + Bri xo


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co. // Location: Minnewaska State Park, NY


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