Sara Fitz

Intimate Lakeside Wedding in the Mountains of Staatsburg, NY

Meghan + Jake,

Your tented wedding in the mountains of Staatsburg, NY was so intimate and unique that Sara instantly fell in love! Meghan's epic golden dress was so dang fun and playful and we just couldn't stop comparing you two to Belle and her prince from Disney's Beauty and the Beast! And anytime we can compare our couples to a Disney classic, we consider that a MAJOR win!

Your portraits alongside the lake at sunset were just so damn dreamy and the water was reflecting the warmest glow off of Meghan's dress! When Bri met you for the first time almost a year after Sara captured your wedding day, she kept saying, "These two are the freakin' cutest!" because anyone can clearly tell that even a year later, you two are as perfectly and completely in love as you were on your wedding day. Cheers to you lovers!

Sara + Bri xo

Photographer: Sara Fitz Co. // Location: Staatsburg, NY

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