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Eclectic Beach Cabin Adventure Engagement in BC, Canada

Sylvia + Rod,

First things first, we freakin' LOVE your style!! You two both brought it with the most fun, fashionable, and eclectic outfits that just paired SO dang well with the mid-century modern style of the beachfront cabin in British Columbia! Sara, to this day, is still totally obsessed with Sylvia's stunning celestial-styled black dress and who would've thought that someone could rock a leather jacket on the beach as well as Rod did!

We absolutely loved getting to see your personalities shine through during your adventure engagement. You guys weren't afraid to be super real, intimate, and playful as you ran through the waves on the rocky beach and cozied up together inside the cabin and out by the beach bonfire! And as if this session wasn't already awesome enough, we ended with some epic smoke bomb photos on the beach at sunset!

Sara + Bri xo


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co // Location: British Columbia, Canada


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