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1. Bring a Pet Sitter

Whether it's your mom or the friendly neighbor across the street, make sure to bring along someone who can watch your pup during the parts of your session or wedding day that you two will need to be free of distractions. One important thing to keep in mind though, is that whoever you pick as your sitter should be familiar with your pup, this way they're both comfortable and happy the entire time!

Don't have a pet sitter? We can definitely provide you with a friendly, dog-loving helper!

(Only for Love Sessions)

2. Bring Treats

This one ALWAYS works for Reese! All you have to say is "cookie" and you've got her attention. This usually works with most dogs, so make sure to bring your pup's favorite treat along with you! This way, if your dog doesn't want to look at the camera or is too busy smelling smells across the way, we can show them the treat (or their fave toy) and even hold it over my lens to get the PERFECT shot!

3. Choose the Right Setting and Time

It's really important to think about how timing and your location will affect your dog's behavior. If you have a very energetic dog, consider tiring him out beforehand with a walk so that he's a bit more calm when you bring him into your session. You're also going to want to either have your pup join you right at the beginning of the session or at the end.

Another important factor is your location. If your dog isn't familiar with the setting you chose for photos, they might be tempted to go sleuthing around for squirrels if you let them off-leash for some shots, but if they have been there before, they might be less likely to wander off and stick by your side instead, which is EXACTLY what we want!

4. Bath Time!

You always want to look like your best self in photos, so shouldn't your dog too? This is the perfect time to give your pup a bath or even get them groomed if they have long hair. Just remember to do this 1-2 days before your session or wedding day, this way they aren't shedding like crazy or super fluffy. You want them to look clean, but also natural!

5. Bring Accessories For Your Pet

This is always such a fun way to add a little bit of style and personality into your photos! When Reese was a puppy I had Bri make me a whole set of bandannas for her to wear and a bunch of those made it into photos! My favorite accessory though, is 100% floral or greenery collars! I've had couples put decorative collars on their dogs and even on a mini horse once! Another fun option is a bow tie if your photos are on your wedding day.


Do you have a fur baby you want to include in your photos that's not a dog? Sweet! We've gotten to work with many different types of pets like cats, horses (regular-size and mini), and even a kangaroo (no joke)!


Reese's Rescue

We always encourage our dog-loving couples to include their fur babies in their sessions or wedding and when they do, we like to give back to dogs still looking for their forever homes! Throughout the season we tally up how many couples include their dogs in their Sara Fitz Co. experience and then at the end of the year we take a portion of the profit from each session to donate to the year's chosen dog rescue!

$10 - per Love Session // $20 - per Wedding


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co



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