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1. Travel to a New Destination

You know that yearly vacation you always plan? Many travel-loving couples decide to make that holiday into their elopement or wedding experience. If you already value traveling, this could be be an easy decision for you both.

Traveling to a new destination allows you to add special experiences to your elopement, like these:

  • Experience a culture in the world that resonates with you emotionally or is your own heritage.

  • Go on an adventurous road trip with scenic views and landscapes.

  • Have romantic dinners or hop from different pubs, beach bars, breweries, distilleries, etc.

2. Elope in a National Park

Do you have a National Park bucket list you are working towards? With 63 National Parks in the US alone, there are endless possibilities. If you both are outdoor lovers or naturalists, this could be a great way to check one extra special park off your list together.

Visiting a National Park for your elopement could look like:

  • Parking at an easy-to-get-to overlook for your vow exchange.

  • Hiking, camping, or backpacking to a viewpoint for a fully immersive nature experience.

  • View the quiet peacefulness of sunrise in the morning at your favorite spot.

Pro Tip: Be sure to always check what the marriage permit requirements and rules are for each National Park. And remember, this isn't always limited to only US National Parks either. I guide each of my clients through this process if they chose to elope on National Park lands.

3. Book an Excursion or Activity

As with most vacations, you're likely going to want to book some excursions or activities to add to the experience and excitement of your itinerary. So why not include that in your elopement experience? A few of my favorite photo-worthy excursions, are visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, horseback riding in the Scottish Highlands, or surfing anywhere you can find waves!

Excursions and activities you could easily include in your elopement experience:

  • Private Transportation: Boat, Seaplane, or Helicopter to explore remote locations

  • A Local Guide: to show you hidden gems and local known spots

  • Wildlife Experience: Safari Tour, Horseback Riding, Elephant Sanctuary

4. Book a Romantic Dinner

As humans, why are we wired to crave a nice meal on a special occasion? But really, who actually cares to ponder that question when we can just eat it, savor each bite, and bond over it. Food brings us together and a nice view or environment to enjoy it on doesn't hurt either. So if you guys are any degree of foodies, including some form of a Celebratory Meal together is a great way to ring in the joy of the day.

Ways to include food into your elopement experience:

  • Hire a Picnic Rental Setup: Picnic Perfect is our favorite here on the east coast

  • Pack your own Picnic: maybe it's your favorite snacks, sandwiches, or takeout to go

  • Hire a Private Local Chef: curate a delicious custom meal based on your dietary needs

  • Restaurant or Resort Packages: most restaurants and resorts have an intimate space to offer

5. Get Ready Together

The morning of your elopement doesn't have to be spent entirely separate. If spending that time together would make the experience more enjoyable for you, go for it! Worried that doing this will ruin a First Look moment? You don't have to be... You can spend time together doing some of the things I mention below, but once it's time to get dressed, go to separate spaces and don't meet again until you're about to do your first look or vow exchange. Or don't - it's totally and truly up to you!

Moments to capture during your Getting Ready time besides getting dressed:

  • Writing your handwritten vows

  • Having coffee and breakfast in bed together

  • Hot tub soak or polar plunge/sauna

  • Couple's boudoir or steamy shower/bath together

  • Favorite hobby together (surfing, cards, playing music, etc.)

6. Pick & Choose your Traditions

Do you feel like you're missing out on some parts of a wedding day? Well, guess what? You don't have to miss out on them. Half the fun of eloping is deciding what you want out of the experience. Therefore, if any of the traditions from a regular wedding feel natural or exciting to one of you, don't hesitate to add it into the mix. Simple as that, no questions asked!

Traditions many couples pick and choose from on their elopement day:

  • Heirloom Flat Lay

  • Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

  • First Dance

  • First Look

  • Walking Down the "Aisle"

  • Champagne Pop or Toasts

  • Cake or Dessert




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