Sara Fitz

Winter Meadow Mini Engagement in Benjamin Rush State Park, Philadelphia PA

Juliette + Michael,

There's snow in the forecast today, so what could be better than looking back on your mini engagement! We freakin' loved how you two wanted to wait for the perfect snow day to have your mini engagement session at Benjamin Rush State Park in Philadelphia! The snow was definitely worth the wait and it looked so darn dreamy alongside the tall golden grass in the winter meadows! You can't even tell what a cold day it was though, because you two just radiate warmth! You two were so fun-loving and goofy together that it would make anyone feel all nice and toasty! And yeah, we're being a bit cheesy today, we know :P

We love that you two met on your first day of working at Six Flags, Great Adventure in 2012! We grew up going to that amusement park so it was so awesome hearing that this was the beginning of your love story! And even though it took two more years for you two to really kick off your relationship, we'd say like the snow, it was 100% worth the wait!

Sara + Bri xo

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Photographer: Sara Fitz Co. // Location: Benjamin Rush State Park, Philadelphia PA

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