Sara Fitz

Urban Sunrise Adventure Engagement in Hoboken, NJ

Brittany + Rob,

It's officially October and that means on comes the holidays! This couldn't help but remind us of the super sweet story of your first date! Being the city lovers that you are, it made perfect sense that for your first date together you would head into Bryant Park in NYC to go see the Christmas tree lighting a few weeks after meeting!

We freakin' LOVED that for your adventure engagement session, you wanted to keep the urban feel and stick with your roots in Hoboken where you both live now! This is one of those sessions where Sara honestly couldn't pick her favorite location because they were all freakin' epic! You guys looked so dang glowy and dreamy as you walked along the pier and then when we went further into the city you two channeled cool, industrial vibes for some more awesome adventurous photos!

Not to mention, we were in love with your pup Ru, and were so thrilled you that wanted to include him in some in-home styled portraits as well!

Sara + Bri xo

Photographer: Sara Fitz Co. // Location: Hoboken, NJ

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