Sara Fitz

Snowy Love Session in Downtown Lake Mohawk and Glen State Park, NJ

After having to reschedule their October wedding due to the pandemic, Danielle and Josh decided that they still wanted to celebrate 2020 by doing another engagement session! Danielle and Josh currently live in Florida, so we planned to have their adventure session in Danielle's hometown of Lake Mohawk, NJ while she and Josh were home for the holidays.

Sara met up at with Danielle and Josh at Danielle's family home, where she grew up. We started out with outfit pairing, which is when Sara works with the couple to choose what outfits would pair best with each location and coordinate with each other. Once that was done, they captured a few photos inside the house with the Christmas tree in the background. Danielle and Josh wanted to include their cute pup, Tinkerbell, in a few photos too, and this was the perfect setting!

Next we headed over to Glen State Park; it had just snowed a few days before making everything looked so magical and wintery!! We love shooting with these two because Josh always has such fun ideas to add to the session! Towards the end of the day we headed over to a cute garden setting with a pond right on Lake Mohawk that Danielle and Josh had picked out beforehand. This was a fun little bonus location which had an awesome, moody blue hour view of the snow covered mountains! We finished up the session with Danielle and Josh running along the boardwalk and took a few final shots downtown with the village Christmas lights. We can't wait to photograph these two for a third time at Danielle + Josh's wedding this coming fall!

Sara + Bri xo


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co // Location: Private Property on Lake Mohawk & Glen State Park, NJ


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