Sara Fitz

Romantic Farm Engagement at The Ashford Estate, Allentown NJ

Kaitlyn + Tom,

Sara had never met a pair of people who were so welcoming and understanding as you were when you first approached her about photographing your wedding. You two saw that she was going through a rough patch and opened up your arms, home, and heart to her in the exact way she needed it! From the first day she met you, to the day of the Brigantine styled shoot where Bri finally got to experience the grace that you two truly encompass, you guys have never let us down and continue, to this day, to surprise us!

Your farm engagement shoot at the beautiful Ashford Estate was the perfect foundation to what would not only lead up to an amazing wedding day, but also a truly priceless friendship! Watching you two run through the green meadows surrounding the estate, towering together lovingly up in the rafters (Ha! Pun not so, but also totally, intended!) of the rustic white barn and snuggling up on your string-lit patio was such an adventure and made us even more completely excited for your wedding day! We freakin’ love you guys!

Sara + Bri xo

Photographer: Sara Fitz Co. // Location: The Ashford Estate, Allentown NJ

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