Sara Fitz

Higbee Beach Adventure Love Session in Cape May, NJ

Nataly + Danny,

We had so much fun getting to work with you two last year that we were so thrilled when we found out we would be doing another love session with you! For your adventure session we decided to head down to Cape May, NJ's Higbee Beach to take advantage if the untouched beauty of this hidden gem!

There's actually a really funny story behind Higbee beach, for the longest time it was actually known as Cape May's unofficial nudist beach! But after the local police got wind of this, they cracked down on it and now Higbee has become the unofficial dog beach of Cape May instead! So now it is the perfect place to take your fur babies for some fun in the waves!

We LOVED how you two were so game to run around playfully in the water and even roll around in the sand and man did it make for some freakin' cute pictures! Another great thing about Higbee Beach is that it is only a walk away from Cape May's famous sunset beach! And you KNOW we had to get those sunset photos there at the end of your adventure session ;)

Sara + Bri xo


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co // Location: Higbee Beach & Sunset Beach, Cape May NJ


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