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Coastal Engagement Session at Twin Lights & Monmouth Beach, in Atlantic Highlands NJ

We started out Rebecca + Matt's coastal engagement session by meeting up at Twin Lights Historic Site! We began shooting around the back side of the building because the lighting there was SUPER glowy and beautiful coming through the nearby trees. Next we headed to the other side of the building where the overlook is, and while the lighting was a bit harsher on this side, we managed to capture a few photos of Rebecca + Matt with some fall leaves behind them!

Afterwards, we took a drive down to Monmouth Beach until Rebecca + Matt found a spot they liked.

While we were walking along the cement pier, we noticed that the sun was setting with a super cool deep blue color AND the moon was peaking up in the sky already, so we quickly went down to the jetty rocks to capture some cool photos near the water! Finally to close out their session, Rebecca + Matt wanted to take a photo on Valentine Street, because they are getting married on Valentine's Day of 2021!

Sara + Bri xo


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co // Locations: Twin Lights Historic Site, Atlantic Highlands NJ & Monmouth Beach, NJ


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