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Barnegat Light Adventure Engagement on Long Beach Island, NJ

Briana + Jimmy's Barnegat Light Adventure Engagement was a total blast and Sara loved getting to spend the day exploring Long Beach Island with these cuties! Sara first met up with Briana and Jimmy at Barnegat Lighthouse State Park where they jumped on their bikes and rode around a bit. Briana and Jimmy both grew up in LBI and are currently building their home on the island in Beach Haven, so they LOVE riding their bikes around the island and bar hopping in the process!

Next we headed inside the state park, and even though Briana and Jimmy have lived on LBI for their entire lives, they had yet to explore much of this side of the island, so Sara was super excited to get to show them around more of the park! Sara managed to find a scenic beachy trail near the lighthouse that Jimmy had never been on despite visiting the park many times as kid, so it was super cool getting to explore that new little nook with them.

After we finished up at the state park, Briana and Jimmy changed outfits and then we headed to a beach access where Jimmy usually goes to surf! Briana and Jimmy were so down to do ALL of the crazy, fun, and adventurous beach activities, like running around in the water (fully clothed!) and rolling around in the sand! We got some really creative shots while we were there and got to try a bunch of different poses, plus the sunset had the most beautiful colors!

Fun Fact: Briana + Jimmy's session was just a few days after Sara got back her elopement with Kevin so they brought Sara a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate!! So sweet!

Sara + Bri xo


Photographer: Sara Fitz Co // Location: Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island, NJ


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